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Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday's workout

I did the Sandcastle workout from Tone It Up and the plyometric workout from Tone It Up...the arm workout from Tone It up and my favorite workout-. !!!
I did it in 53 minutes.
It was cold outside so i didn't sweat that much...felt like i did nothing. But i could feel it in my arms this morning. AHHH!
Remember today, go ahead and do a workout, run, something active and make it count because tomorrow morning when you wake up, YOU'LL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! And the better you feel about yourself, the better you will choose wisely over the weekend!
Today after school i'm doing the AB CIRCUIT + burning lots of cals and another AB circuit that hurts like crazy. If it isn't hurting...its not doing anything!

Have a good day and eat good!
For breakfast i had
 Breakfast!                                                                  Cals Cbs Fat Prot
Lifeway - Cherry Kefir Probiotic, 0.33 cup 53    8  1   4
Blueberries - Frozen, unsweetened, 0.5 cup, unthawed 40     9    0 0
Cheerios - (General Mills), 0.33 cup (28 grams) 33 7 1 1
Silk - Pure Almond Milk Unsweetened, 0.33 cup 20 0 1 0
Total============================> 146 24 3 5


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