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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Long time no post!

So once again I got off the wagon and got lazy with posts. But no worries! I've been keeping up hard with my workouts! Been busy, had a fun Thanksgiving, and bounced BACK WOOHOO!
So how was your Thanksgiving!?
Did you eat too much?
Do you still have a feeling like you need to get rid of food or lose a couple  lbs?
No worries, I have some tips that will get YOU back on track!

First off:
Make sure your drinking half of your body weight in water. Ice cold water raises the metabolism and also debloats you. I did that starting last Monday so I wouldn't be bloated on Thanksgiving. It worked.
Try to eat 70% or more of raw food! Eat raw carrots, tomatoes, celery, bellpepper, apples, bananas, berries, not cook them. EAT THEM RAW. Add a couple tbsp of Hummus to enjoy the veggies more!
I did this on last Sat. and it helped A LOT!
Do some stretching, a little running, and........HIIT! (High Intensity Interval Training)
Here is a video to get you motivated.   --I've done with two days in a row, thats how much I love it. I love how much I sweat at the end and your heart rate will be sky rocket, FAT MELTING period.
Eat 1200 cals. Be restricted. Think how amazing you'll feel if you do it! Make it a goal. Its not that hard. Especially if you think how horrible you ate over the weekend...the football games and all + TG.
Lastly: Go for a walk, sleep, and work your abs.
Tell wonderful you feel after a week or just 5 days.



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