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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well...Oh Saturday

Was going to workout 75 minutes today but i didn't...why?
Because I took 3 hours to clean my room, moving furniture, washing clothes, folding clothes, going up and down the stairs, bending up and down to pick up stuff, vacuumed and etc etc etc.
But I did workout for 20 minutes with plyometrics and 3 sets of 10 of tummy tucks(planks with knee to elbow crunches)

For lunch i took 3 egg whites and 1 egg...mixed with sliced plum tomatoes, a little spinach, half a piece of lunch turkey, half piece of monteray jack cheese, and seasoning...and scrambled it. It was not the best thing ever. So i ate some carrots and hummus afterwards. Load up on veggies!
Tonight, maybe some soup or protein shake...Really don't know yet.
So tired.


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